Welcome to the Blue Ridge Chapter of Wild Ones

The Blue Ridge chapter is the only chapter of Wild Ones in the Mid-Atlantic! Starting in June 2016, we are meeting in various locations to accommodate our membership. We usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:30am.  Guests are welcome.

Wild Ones members help and learn from each other – beginners and experienced members alike – about identifying native and invasive plants, adding native plants to existing landscapes, protecting threatened species, creating habitat for pollinators, and a lot more. You see, the native birds, bugs & wildlife can’t eat & live off of plants from exotic areas – they need native plants.

We think that a home landscape can be more interesting than a lawnmower slowly circling every weekend and want to learn about restoration of more natural landscapes at our homes. We also hope to influence others to consider natural landscapes at public buildings and commercial properties. If you use a lawn service or put chemicals on your lawn to make it more appealing, consider the damage these chemicals can do over time to your health, your children’s and pet’s health.

Members plan monthly educational chapter meetings, field trips, presentations by experts in the field of native plants and natural landscaping. Chapters are supported by the national organization and each member receives handbooks related to natural landscaping along with a quarterly publication, the Wild Ones Journal.

Active participation by members is encouraged and ideas for group projects are welcome.

Our Board Members: President-Dixie Mullineaux, VP-Joyce Morningstar, Secretary-Donna Stekli, Treasurer-Barbara KuenneckeBoard-Hope Redmond.

Email: [email protected]


9/10/2021 – 9/12/2021 Plant Sale & Native Plant Talk

Informative talk on “20 FAVORITE NATIVE PLANTS” at 1pm on Friday 9/10: a short talk on 20 Best Native Plants! Autumn is a great time to establish your plants for the next Spring.
Greetings Plant Lovers!
September 10, 11, and 12 is Joyce Morningstar’s Autumn Plant Sale (Berkeley Springs WV)
From Joyce:
Here is the list of what we will have this fall. Email me if you want us to save anything for you. If you can’t make it to the sale weekend, we will be open through Sept. so just email or call to set up a time to visit. We are both vaccinated now, but wear a mask if you want…….Thanks! Open 10-5 all 3 days………
Native Plants: Prices range from $3. – 10. each
Sages – White, Blue, Garden, Clary and Prairie sages
Milkweeds – Rose and Showy
Shade Plants – Red and Blue Lobelia, Columbine, Mistflower, Campanula
Sun Plants: Echinacea – Purpurea, angustifolia, paradoxa
Rudbeckias, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Mountain Mint, Heleniums, Liatris,
Blackberry Lilies, Ironweed, Quinine, Zizia, Baptisias – Blue and Yellow
Goldenrods, Veronicastrum, Lupine, Coral Honeysuckle, Purple Love Grass, Lemon Bee Balm, Spotted Bee Balm, Maximilian Sunflowers
(Will Dig to order: Purple and Rose Monardas, Spearmint and Chocolate Mint)
Marshmallow, Hyssop, Wormwood, Comfrey, Lavender, Rosemary, Boneset
White Ash, Elm, Gingko, Hazelnut, Osage Orange, Northern Pecan, Chinese Chestnut, Trident Maple, Peach, Sycamore, Box Elder, Red Mulberry, Tulip Poplar, American Holly, Prices range from $10. – 35. each
Amorpha (Native Butterfly Bush), Buddleia (Chinese Butterfly Bush), Ninebark, Vitex, Spirea, Rose of Sharon, Goji Berry, Trumpet Vine
And more! Come visit……..Fall is the best time to plant Trees and Shrubs and perennials! Green Blessings!!
Joyce and Lee
Star Eagle Gardens
1437 Pious Ridge Rd. Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


Donna Stekli, Blue Ridge Wild Ones Secretary

 [email protected]


We are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BRwildones/

Wild Ones Blue Ridge Chapter



March 10, 2020, Tuesday at 10:30am

SUBJECT:  Eat Wild!

10:30am at Cacapon State Park Nature Center in Berkeley Springs. Free to the public.

Edible Wild Plants of Morgan County. Find out what grows around you that is edible and tasty and good for you! Learn where and when to harvest them and how to identify them. Samples of plants will be available to look at and taste. Tuesday 3/10/2020 10:30am at Cacapon State Park Nature Center in Berkeley Springs.

A great time was had by all!